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ZeegaAs part of this project the PITFs created Zeega ( Zeega enables individuals and organizations to create nonlinear digital narratives that seamlessly combine photos, videos, text, audio and maps from public APIs.

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Word Pronunciation Game

Word Pronunciation GameAn interactive word game was created in Flash, as an engaging way students that could practice casual conversation in French. The game provided audio examples and students had to pick the correct choice. Students played in sound-match format to test themselves in a lower pressure, fun way on...

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Tokyo Time Machine

Tokyo Time MachinePITFs worked with the professor to select historical and contemporary maps from the Pusey Library and developed a module that allowed students to view maps from the various historical periods covered in the course. The maps showed the development of the city over time, and included hot spots linked to pages containing more information, images, and links to additional resources.

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Scroll Viewing and Annotation Tool

Scroll Viewing and Annotation ToolPITFs acquired and scanned a reproduction of the Qingming scroll, and developed a custom implementation of the Zoomify component for Flash to present the high-resolution image in an easy-to-navigate form. The scroll module interface was standardized to allow easy deployment of new scroll images. The user interface permitted students to add their own annotations to the scroll and view them by category. The administrator's interface permitted managers to add new custom hotspots, edit (reposition) and delete old ones, as well as edit annotations.

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RelLabThis program gave students the ability to switch instantly between different frames, making many perplexing problems and apparent paradoxes transparent.

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Pronunciation Activities

Pronunciation ActivitiesPodcast  pronunciation exercises were developed around letter sounds of French phrases. These exercises incorporated video, as well as audio, in order to make pronunciation of sounds easier to understand for students. Podcasts allowed students to listen to and view modules...

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Primitive Navigation Illustrations, 3D Models, Animations, and Field Labs

Primitive Navigation IllustrationsThe PITFs:
 a)Produced a series of 2D electronic illustrations of physical phenomena
 b)Created 3D models of primitive ships for detailed analysis of navigation principles
c)Developed simple animations and time lapse photography of stars and sun
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Place Biographies in Rome

Place Biographies in RomeFor an Italian course focused on the city of Rome, students developed place biographies — media-rich web pages, demonstrating their grasp of Italian language, culture, and history — and shared them on a Google map of the city.

Multi-Variable Calculus Animations

Multi-Variable Calculus AnimationsThese three-dimensional animations of key concepts helped students visualize concepts more thoroughly than 2-dimensional diagrams. Some of the animations were interactive and allowed students to manipulate variables on the fly.

Kinship Editor

Kinship EditorThe kinship module was designed for students to input and analyze their family's genealogy and study kinship structures. This application consisted of two drawing options: a classical genealogical family tree builder and an experimental family tree builder. Users could create classic family...

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