Versailles to the Visionaries

Versailles to the VisionariesThe goals of the project were to research, identify, and make available the relevant readings and images to help students comprehend and learn about the gradual expansion of architectural theory and achievement in France during the 17th and 18th centuries. The PITF developed a course iSite that housed a rich collection of scholarly articles and images for the course for yearly re-purpose.

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Tracing Mobilities - Designing Ubiquities

Tracing Mobilities - Designing UbiquitiesThe PITF project used an external wiki as an online platform to post and share findings about technology in the urban context. Combining a course wiki with a mobile media gaming platform called Mscape, students were able to communicate and trace their location positions using their GPS-enabled mobile phones or PDAs.  Various media files were activated as they moved from location to location.

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Rome and St. Peter's

Rome and St. Peter'sThe PITF program supported the collection, digitization, research, and curation of over 800 images on the Course iSites. These images were digitized and used as alternative representations to expose students to the four historic spectacles - the Emperor Augustus' funeral (14 A.D.), Constantine the Great's triumphal procession (312), a liturgical procession for the Feast of the Assumption (1300), and the Canonization of Carlo Borromeo (1610) – to highlight Rome’s evolving cultural and urban character.

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Materials Collection

GSD Materials CollectionA physical collection, as well as an online digital database and website of materials, ranging from innovative to new materials found everyday in the constructed environment, was created to help students explore and understand material composition and functional traits to allow students to rethink conventional applications and promote material experimentation in design practice. Supported by the PITF program, the collection database could be searched to discover material examples and vendor contacts.

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Fabrication Laboratory

Fabrication LaboratoryThis PITF project created information and consolidated online resources for all model and prototyping resources at the GSD - including tutorials, sign-up sheets, webcams, information data, and user settings on how test to use and implement the resources such as the cnc tools, robotic devices,laser cutters, 3D rapid prototyping, and digital input devices.

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Authority and Invention: Medieval Art and Architecture

GSD_AuthorityInventionPITFs developed and implemented an experiment in pedagogy to enhance, extend, and deepen students’ engagement with and understanding of the course material by creating a comprehensive website for the course. They re-examined the use of images, introduced videos and readers, and re-designed the presentation of the course content based on provenance rather than following a set weekly topic agenda.

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