Tracing Mobilities - Designing Ubiquities

Tracing Mobilities - Designing UbiquitiesThe PITF project used an external wiki as an online platform to post and share findings about technology in the urban context. Combining a course wiki with a mobile media gaming platform called Mscape, students were able to communicate and trace their location positions using their GPS-enabled mobile phones or PDAs.  Various media files were activated as they moved from location to location.

Teaching Challenge:

The modern dweller lives in a state of experiential extension by digital prostheses. While not entirely cyborgian, we live with and through such augmentations. Cell phones can connect us to people as much as to locations. Urban experience is already augmented by digital tools. What would happen if we were able to shape our own understanding by meta-design of mobile applications? How can the digital world be coordinated with the physical to provide a unique perceptual and corporeal experience?

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