Flash Simulations

Flash SimulationsPITFS developed interactive flash animations that allowed students to fully explore and understand a phenomenon and ultimately gave them better intuition about the physical concepts presented in the course.  Interactive animations for the following systems were created: single spring, rotating disk, double spring, double pendulum, falling rod, shaky table. Students were able to change the values of various parameters, animate the systems, and plot graphs of different variables.

Evolution Animations

Evolution AnimationsA mutating bug widget (application) was developed in Flash and PHP to demonstrate some aspects of Darwinian evolution in an appealing, graphical way, while allowing a class of individuals to collectively monitor—and mutate—the bug while visiting the website.

Architectural Walk-through

MosqueStudents navigated a mosque complex using a floor plan, and could inspect photographs of each important feature. Students were able to zoom in on photographs for more detail, view annotations with important architectural terms and features, and look up terms in the course's audio glossary. These tools helped students...

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