Vincent Leung, FAS PITF

"The possibilities created by new web technology have advanced the quality of teaching and learning at the university, and the PITF program, I believe, has been instrumental in bringing this about. I'm glad that I have been able to play a small part in this effort."

Todd Grindal, GSE PITF

"Working in the program has compelled me to think more deeply about pedagogy for the instruction of graduate students. It showed me that with a little creative thinking graduate courses can be better designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of students, students with disabilities in particular."

Professor Michael Parker, HMS

"Participating in the program has improved my teaching. The project we worked on involved interviewing approximately 30 master teachers about their small group teaching techniques and experience.  Between that and an extensive review of the literature on the topic of tutorial teaching, I learned a lot."

Professor Malinda Maynor Lowery, FAS

"The course websites we created made material available for my students' research projects, improved their abilities to stay engaged with how the readings and lectures related to research, and gave us new opportunities to interact with each other and with communities (through blogs, links, audiovisual material, etc.). None of this would have been possible without my PITFs and the fabulous staff who worked so hard with great energy to implement my teaching staff's ideas."

Professor Jon Hanson, HLS

"The PITF program has absolutely improved my teaching. It has made it possible for me to make available (online) to my students reading materials and videos that would otherwise would have been unavailable or would have taken considerable class time.  They have also taught me a great deal about what might be done; and I am now experimenting with new ways of teaching based on what I've learned."

Professor James Skedros, HDS

"I was able to create a significant number of electronic teaching aids for use in my Elementary Greek class.  All of these aids are available on the course iSite and have been used by my students for the past four years."

Professor Joseph Blatt, GSE

"I have worked directly with a PITF throughout one course, and had help from PITFs on two others.  In all three cases I have been able to create far more robust digital resources for teaching, including an especially rich course Web site and a customized DVD.  In these large courses, with high volume student demands, these products serve many needs, but I would not have had time to undertake them without PITF support."

Jascha Smilack, GSAS PITF

"This program has opened new doors for me professionally.  I have received extensive training and have had a chance to contribute directly to courses across the university."


"It is one of the most exciting things about being here!  I love the diversity of opportunities and experiences."


"During my time in the program, I learned about various online collaboration programs that contributed to my academic research."


"Departments and professors are hungry for our services and PITFs have become incredible resources for them.  Thank you for the opportunity to learn while helping others!"


"As a SEAS student working with mostly Humanities professors, I am learning a ton outside of my discipline. In terms of my technical skills, I have learned a lot about web design and various web languages."

Evan MacCarthy, FAS PITF

"Course sites are essential for studying the core materials of a course at hand rather than just a place to post a syllabus, teaching hours, and some scanned readings. I have learned through the PITF program the importance of crafting a site for students to engage with the course materials in a fruitful and satisfying manner."