International Trade

International TradePITF Mira Atanassova assisted thoroughly with these teaching strategy by:

a) Linking each of the 50 assigned disputes to existing online resources on the dispute, including the actual WTO filings and decision(s).
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Interactive Pinocchio Storybook

Interactive Pinocchio StorybookA native speaker of Italian was recorded reading the classic story of Pinocchio. A digital version of the book was created in Flash including the audio. Students could read along, pause, and click on words to hear them alone. They could also select certain passages to see grammar examples, watch videos of various interpretations of Pinocchio in Italian, and at the end play a game where they matched an image with the audio of the word. 

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Interactive Map Exercises

Map QuizInteractive map exercises were developed to aid students’ understanding of the geography and borderlands of medieval Europe. These interactive map exercises prepared students for lectures. The activities were built in Flash and information was stored in XML files.

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Interactive Ethics Tutorial for HLS Clinical Students

Interactive Ethics TutorialA subgroup of the HLS Clinical Standards Task Force members created four illustrative scenarios of student practice situations, accompanied by questions on ethical decision making. HLS Teaching, Learning & Curriculum staff produced a proposed design, and met with clinical professors to gather input. Once design decisions were in place, the PITF produced videos of the scenes using animation software, and recorded voiceovers of the dialogue. The videos were embedded in a Captivate tutorial which included quizzes, prompts and hints for incorrect questions, links out to additional instructional materials, and a feature to track student completion. The output was a flash product that could also be delivered in pdf form. Faculty were given the option to place the tutorial within their course iSites.

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Interactive Courtroom Oral Argument

HSL_Interactive CoutroomFirst, Professor Nesson identified key portions of the oral argument that highlighted the issues for students to focus on. Portions of the oral argument recording were separated and provided to the PITF in audio files. Next, the PITF worked with Teaching, Learning & Curriculum group staff to identify appropriate images to accompany the arguments. The PITF then created PowerPoint slides of the images and inserted them into a video to accompany the recording. Finally, the video was embedded into a VoiceThread to allow interactive student commenting. The VoiceThread can be embedded into a course site, or used as a stand-alone learning object.

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Interactive Comic Book

Interactive Comic BookPITFs developed an interactive comic book based on a professor's work. The interactive comic book included annotated pages and an English translation along with the original text.

Interactive City Map

Interactive City MapFor a Core course covering several pieces of literature set in St. Petersburg at different periods, students were able to view overlaid maps and other comparisons between the storylines of the various works. Since the city's neighborhoods and important sites have names from the Soviet and...

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Inter Libros

Inter LibrosAn interactive research guide for classics and medieval studies research, created by Harvard College librarians in collaboration with Harvard faculty and departments.

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Image Zoom Module

Image ZoomFor a Literature and Arts course, PITFs created a map viewing module to display a map of India, with important pilgrimage and other sites highlighted with hotspots and linked to more detailed information. This module was used for in-class presentations and served as a resource for students on the course...

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HCL RefTouch

HCL RefTouchA touch-screen information kiosk enabling researchers in Lamont to independently find answers to commonly asked questions, learn about new HCL study spaces and services, explore library collections, and instantly obtain research assistance.  

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Glossary of Economic Terms

Glossary of Economic TermsPITFs created an online glossary of economic terms that combined text, images, and mathematical examples. 

Flashcard Tool

FlashcardThis flashcard application allowed students to see a word in English and Hebrew, see it used in a sentence, hear a native speaker say it, and see its root.