Multimedia Production and Integration into the Course iSite

Multimedia Production and Integration into the Course iSiteThe solution was to use a course iSite to host multimedia that helps provide context outside of class to topics covered within class. The PITF gathered images of people, places, or events involved in each case study and created powerpoint presentations for the professor to show in class. News footage surrounding the events contained in the case studies were identified and assembled so that the students could be immersed in the case study and absorb the context to topics outside of class, such as “The Saturday Night Massacre,” “Tobacco Litigation,” “Abu Ghraib” and other relevant topics. Copyright and costs involved with using the footage were investigated. Video footage was integrated with the Video Annotation tool so students could share comments or ask questions while watching the video.

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Multi-Variable Calculus Animations

Multi-Variable Calculus AnimationsThese three-dimensional animations of key concepts helped students visualize concepts more thoroughly than 2-dimensional diagrams. Some of the animations were interactive and allowed students to manipulate variables on the fly.

Materials Collection

GSD Materials CollectionA physical collection, as well as an online digital database and website of materials, ranging from innovative to new materials found everyday in the constructed environment, was created to help students explore and understand material composition and functional traits to allow students to rethink conventional applications and promote material experimentation in design practice. Supported by the PITF program, the collection database could be searched to discover material examples and vendor contacts.

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Master's Program Video Library

Master's Program Video LibraryPITFs Jessica Scott and Christina Dobbs catalogued the video then digitized and edited specific video clips. Each video was coded so someone could search key terms and quickly identify sections of video with the desired content. The library was used by four courses in the Language and Literacy program. Individual clips were integrated into the course site and were used to show examples of practice and as the basis for various assignments.

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Live Lecture Capturing and Back-Channel Conversations

Live Lecture CapturingUsing Elluminate, the teaching team created a constructive back-channel conversation between students and TFs. Conversations took place in Elluminate's chat feature and were archived and posted to the course iSite after the session ended. Elluminate was also used in conjunction with Dragon Naturally Speaking to provide real-time captioning of Professor Hehir’s lectures.

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Law and Social Movements

Law and Social MovementsThe PITF assisted with these challenges by:
a) Working with the professor to identify and compile video excerpts for delivery via the course iSite. 
b) Developing a website with resources and best practices for effective presentations. The site includes a variety of presentation tools, including Xtranormal, VoiceThread, Powerpoint, and more. 
c) Identifying a solution that would allow Professor Guinier to collect student feedback and then deliver individual student feedback in a streamlined manner while storing it in an easily accessible archive for future reference.

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Kinship Editor

Kinship EditorThe kinship module was designed for students to input and analyze their family's genealogy and study kinship structures. This application consisted of two drawing options: a classical genealogical family tree builder and an experimental family tree builder. Users could create classic family...

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