Tokyo Foreign Cultures 84

Tokyo Foreign Cultures 84Each module included background information on the topic and the related aspect of visual culture, recommendations for further reading, slide carousels with additional works of art from the Harvard Art Museum as well as other sources, an assignment (requiring close viewing and analysis of a work of art), and notes for the teaching staff. The modules were designed to serve as the basis for a section or short paper assignment but were also made flexible enough for easy adaptation for other uses, including assigned reading and viewing, or student self-study.

Teaching Challenge:

The materials developed for Tokyo FC84 were intended to introduce visual materials from the premodern city, with two main objectives. On a superficial level, the visual materials were designed to help students envision and understand a society and its culture that we expected would be unfamiliar for the majority of students, who in past years have had limited knowledge and experience of Japan. More importantly, visual materials (woodblock prints, paintings, photographs) and supporting materials developed over the summer were organized in topically organized modules to engage the themes of specific units of the course.

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