Resources for Teaching and Learning Educational Neuroscience

Resources for Teaching and Learning Educational NeuroscienceTo address the challenge, a number of solutions were developed as part of the PITF project:
a) A series of introductory videos designed for students who are new to common topics to MBE. Previously, this content had been taught in the first two weeks of class. This solution enabled Professor Rose to replace this content with topics more immediately relevant to education.
b) Additional content that was curated and then offered to students on the iSite, enabling self-paced study and remediation.
c) Additional assessments, including student self-checks, weekly anonymous feedback to the teaching team, and content quizzes that enabled the teaching team to understand what the student's greatest needs are.
d) A glossary of terms for the course site.

Teaching Challenge:

The course had 100 students who had a broad range of background knowledge related to the topic of "mind brain education." Professor Rose wanted to make the content as accessible as possible in order to enable everyone, regardless of background knowledge, to engage more deeply with the content.

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