Interactive Map

Tokyo Time Machine

Tokyo Time MachinePITFs worked with the professor to select historical and contemporary maps from the Pusey Library and developed a module that allowed students to view maps from the various historical periods covered in the course. The maps showed the development of the city over time, and included hot spots linked to pages containing more information, images, and links to additional resources.

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Interactive Map Exercises

Map QuizInteractive map exercises were developed to aid students’ understanding of the geography and borderlands of medieval Europe. These interactive map exercises prepared students for lectures. The activities were built in Flash and information was stored in XML files.

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Interactive City Map

Interactive City MapFor a Core course covering several pieces of literature set in St. Petersburg at different periods, students were able to view overlaid maps and other comparisons between the storylines of the various works. Since the city's neighborhoods and important sites have names from the Soviet and...

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Inter Libros

Inter LibrosAn interactive research guide for classics and medieval studies research, created by Harvard College librarians in collaboration with Harvard faculty and departments.

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Image Zoom Module

Image ZoomFor a Literature and Arts course, PITFs created a map viewing module to display a map of India, with important pilgrimage and other sites highlighted with hotspots and linked to more detailed information. This module was used for in-class presentations and served as a resource for students on the course...

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Boston Map

Boston MapThe goal of this project was to develop maps and guides for student research that would act as an archive for the future in order to better understand university/community relations.

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Archaeology in Google Earth

Google SearchAll images of artifacts were placed as markers on a Google Earth map. By clicking on the marker, you see a picture of the artifact, a description of it, and the name of the location in both English and Chinese. There was also a link that bounced back to the course website and the weekly lecture slide that corresponded with the image.... Read more about Archaeology in Google Earth